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Dimollaure Whitening Freckle Cream Remove Melasma Acne Spot Pigment Dark Spots Melanin Age Spots Moisturizing Brighten Skin Care

Dimollaure Whitening Freckle Cream Remove Melasma Acne Spot Pigment Dark Spots Melanin Age Spots Moisturizing Brighten Skin Care

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Brand Name: Dimollaure

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Origin: Mainland China

Gender: Unisex

NET WT: 20g

Shelf Life: 36 months

Certificate Number: 2017056121

Feature: Whitening

Use: Face

Item Type: Cream

Model Number: whitening cream

Ingredient: herbal

Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA

Features: Fast whitening Remove melasma Acne Spots pigment Melanin

Effect: Brighten skin Freckle speckle age sopts

shelf lift: 3 years

Suitable for: all kinds skin

Function: Remove Dark Spots and Brighten Face

Notice: Not suitable for sensitive skin.Sensitive skin before use this product must do skin allergies testing! u se the cream only on the speckle area , do not use whole face
Use of this product skin may be have redness, itching, skin tight feeling,  if serious,please disable several days! after 7-10days can contiune use

Product Name:Dimollaure Powerful effects herbal whitening freckle Cream

Feature:This product is made from natural biological essence extracted from the high-tech , with short freckle whitening, remove acne particularly strong effect long-term use can regulate skin cell regeneration and repair capability , eliminating the incentive to produce melanin , the effective prevention of various types of stains regeneration , reaching the skin smooth and delicate, soft whitening efficacy

Efficacy:This product has a freckle , wrinkle removal, for the elimination of melasma , freckles, age spots and other spots, there are special effects , young people face acne ( acne ) also had a significant effect .maintain a high-quality gene cosmetic technology, exclusive use of serum proteins, biochemical aldol acids, and other biological formulations, and more sustained release microcapsules nano technology to protect active genes, improving traditional skincare cream matrix gene activity can not be effectively survival factor faster whitening effect, without any side effects

Ingredient:Water,Ginseng, astragalus, pearls, Angelica, licorice, angelica, musk, safflower, aloe, freesia, lotus, white ginseng, daisies, lilies, vitamin E, provitamin B5. Arbutin, adenosine, succinic alcohol, natural squalane, isopropyl palmitate, coenzyme Q10,  butylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, squalane, isononyl isononanoate, sucrose polystearate, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, polydimethylsiloxane, hydrogenated olives Oil, arbutin, glyceryl stearate, tocopheryl acetate, bisabolol, xanthan gum, hydroxybenzyl ester, flavor, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, hydroxyphenylpropyl ester, sodium hyaluronate

How to use:After cleansing face at night ,then use the creamonly on the speckle area , do not use whole face,and Gently massage 1-2 minutes, until absorbed ,do not need wash off (we advice use at night ,if you want to use in day,please must be do Sun protection)

NOTICE:This cream we promise 100% original,use 7-10 days ,you can see the excellent effects,you can trust me!

Repair and desalinate freckles and remove melanin


Product name:Herbal Whitening Cream

Ingredient:Water,butylene glycol,isopropyl myristate ,squalane,isononyL is ononanoate,sucrose polystearate,cetearyl alcohol,propylene glycoL, polydimethylsiloxane,hyd rogenatedolives Olla rbuti n,gLyceryl stearate, tocoperyl acetate,bisa bolol,xantha n gu m,hyd roxybenzyl esterfLavor, dipotam glycyrrhizinate,hyd roxyphenylpropyl ester,sod i urn hyalu ronate

Net content:20g
Shelf Life:3 years


It has antioxidant protection ,prevents melanin formation ,whitens and brightens skin color

Improve dark complexion

Improve dry ,rough ,soft and transparent skin color

Anti oxidation

Repair the skin problems of the young and aged

Repair skin after sunburn

Improve skin problems caused by ultraviolet rays

Balance skin oil

Maintain moisture and elasticityreduce skin allerg


Smallpox imprint is effective for black spot,chloasma,sunburnfreckles,senile spot,smallpox

imprint,pregnant spot,melanin and other spots



Black spot

Acne scarring


Age spots


Directly block the spots from the root and make the skin clean and flawless

Dissolving stain:Interfering melanin transfer from the root

Nutrition repair:Reduce melanin deposition

Isolation defense:Surface layer accelerates cutin regeneration


Scientific freckle removal, exquisite technology, safety index promotion


Direct attack on the source of color spots,three steps to suppress the blackinteraction

The first step:Directlyhit the bottom of muscle inhibitand block melanin production from the source

The second step :Dissolve color spots,reduce pigment generation improve dark yellow,fade color spots

The third step : Block melanin,inhibitand , blockmelaninproduction from the source


Arbutin active ingredient can block melanin from the source and brighten skin evenly


Notice:Not suitable for sensitive . Sensitive skin before use this product must do skin allergies testing! use the cream only in the speckle area,do not use whole face

Use of this product skin may be have redness,itching,skin tight feeling, if serious please disable several days! after 7-10 days can continue use

How to use:After cleansing face at night,then use the cream only in the speckle area do not use whole face and Gently massage 1-2 minutes,until absorbed,(we advice use at night ,if you want to use in day please must be do Sun protection

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