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KIUZOU Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor BP Sphygmomanometer Pressure Meter Tonometer for Measuring Arterial Pressure

KIUZOU Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor BP Sphygmomanometer Pressure Meter Tonometer for Measuring Arterial Pressure

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Brand Name: KIUZOU

Origin: China Mainland

Material: ABS

Application: Arm

Item Type: Blood Pressure

Model Number: JZ-256A

Size: 12.5 x 11.3 x 5.5cm

Display:: LCD digital display screen

Model Number:: Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Measurement mode:: Oscillometric method

Power supply:: DC6v 1.5v 4 AAA batteries

Use for:: Blood & Pulse

Pulse Rate:: 40-165 times/min

Blood Pressure:: 20-280mmHg

Memory Capacity:: 2*90 Group of measurement data

Pressurization:: Automatic Pressurization Mode

JZ-256A electronic sphygmomanometer

1. color specification: no voice/English voice broadcasting function is available
2. Measurement method: arm electronic sphygmomanometer, step-down measurement/oscillometric method
3. Display screen: LCD digital display screen, the result shows high pressure/low pressure/pulse, big screen and big characters, and the reading is clear.
4. Blood pressure classification: WHO sphygmomanometer classification indicates the health of blood pressure, which is convenient for users to accurately judge whether blood pressure is normal or not
5. Intelligent pressurization: automatic pressurization and decompression, IHB arrhythmia detection
6. Clock function: set year, month, day, hour and minute
7. Storage data: 90 groups of measurement results are memorized by two people, which can display the average readings of the last 3 measurement results, which is convenient for users to retrieve data comparison
8. Automatic shutdown: manual shutdown or automatic shutdown after 1 minute without operation, which is simple and convenient to operate
9. Unit conversion: two display units of blood pressure value, Kpa and mmHg, are converted (the default unit for startup is mmHg)
10 overpressure protection function: if the air pressure exceeds 295mmHg-20ms, it will automatically and quickly exhaust, which is safe and reliable
11 error prompt function is convenient for users to find the cause of errors
12 low power detection function detects low power in any working state, and the LCD screen prompts low power
13. Advantages: Tri-color backlight, one-button measurement, heart rate monitoring, comfortable cuff, large screen and large characters, intelligent pressurization, accurate measurement and portability.


Product Information:


Name: Upper arm blood pressure monitor

Blood Pressure: 20-280mmHg

Pulse Rate: 40-165 times/min

Storage Memory: Double 99 group memory

Pressurization: Automatic Pressurization Mode

Cuff Size: 22-32cm or 22-48cm for choose

Power: AAAA batteries(not included)/usb charging

Backlight: 3 color backlight

Voice Function: No Voice or English Voice for choose


What is backlight mean?


It means it has backlight always when measuring. In this way, you can see the screen clearly even on dark. And see more clearly on day time. Also, if your blood pressure is high, the screen show red. if your blood pressure is slight high, the screen show yellow. If your blood pressure is normal, the screen show green. Compared with No backlight model, it is more easier to see the result especially for elder people.


What is English Voice mean?


It means, it has live English voice during the whole measurement. It will tell us how to take measurement and the result. If you do not want the voice, it can also turn off.


Three colors of backlight, three health states

Three-color backlight indicatesdifferent blood pressure health status

Green backlight indicates —— normal blood pressure

Yellow backlight indicates —— slightly higher blood pressure

Red backlight indicates —— high blood pressure


Product features


·90 sets of storage(2 people),IHB arrhythmia detection,

WHO blood pressure classification.Intelligent pressurize

·live voice (optional),volume control (optional)

·Voltage power detection,Low power consumption

·large LCD screen

·Display:Digital liquid crystal display

·Fashionable outward,Light and compact,suitable forhealth care(medical field,families and adult)

·Auto power off




Type:Blood Pressure Monitor


Display:Digital liquid crystal display

Working voltage: 6V

Shut off the current:<20uA

Inrush current:<60mA

Measurable arm circumference: 22cm-32cm

Big fonts make it easier for older people to see

High-volume voice cues are easy for the elderly to hear

Speech-assisted measurement

throughout the whole process, broadcasting theresults of measurement

Very convenient, no bare armmeasurement is required.

Two power supply.modes aremore convenient to use

Product Packaging Chart

Complete product list: main unit of blood pressure monitor, cuff, storage bag,manual, packing box.

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