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Main effect Fade wrinkles AKARZ natural serum extract essence Fade Anti-Aging Moisturizing face skin care

Main effect Fade wrinkles AKARZ natural serum extract essence Fade Anti-Aging Moisturizing face skin care

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Brand Name: akarz

Gender: Female

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Origin: Mainland China

Formulation: Liquid

Feature: Anti-Aging

Item Type: Face Serum

Model Number: AYG666

Country/Region of Manufacture: france

Certificate Number: ISO/9842_2005_14365

Ingredient: collagen six peptide, metal sulfur protein, albumin

NET WT:: 10ML 20ML 30ML

Use: Face

skin fit for:: All skin

specification of type: normal size

Efficacy 1: Fade wrinkles

Efficacy 2: Anti-Aging

Efficacy 3: Moisturizing

Efficacy 4: Pigmentation Corrector




Main effect Fade wrinkles AKARZ Famous brand pure natural Essence Serum Fade wrinkles Anti-Aging Moisturizing face skin care



Product ingredients: collagen peptide, collagen structure three peptides, collagen six peptide, metal sulfur protein, albumin, mannitol.
Collagen polypeptide: collagen, which is added to collagen, locks the water, and delays aging.
CPGF: bioactive complex, which regulates the growth and proliferation of fibroblasts, and accelerates the DNA synthesis and collagen synthesis of fibroblasts.
Collaxyl: to prevent aging, remove wrinkles, and shining
Three peptides: stimulate production of elastin and collagen enzyme, improve skin texture
MT (metal sulfur protein): free radical scavenging, high efficiency, antioxidant, anti-aging.
Applicable crowd: 18 years old above
Usage: After cleansing in the morning and evening, take this product on the face, and import it into a better.
Product features:
1 anti ageing
Cell growth factor with cell viability, promote cell division, newborn, the epidermal cells become full can also promote the growth ability of collagen, collagen and elastic fibers fracture repair aging, restore the skin to young state.
2 enhance compact remove wrinkles
The structure of peptide chemical structure and elastin hexapeptide in the products of the same. Function in the skin can block the nerve to transmit muscle contraction signal, affect the skin and nerve conduction, so that facial muscle relaxation, to achieve the purpose of smooth muscle, static and fine lines.
3 tighten the skin to enhance the elasticity
The main function of the small molecule collagen peptide is to maintain the skin and tissue and organs of the morphology and structure, can make the skin to maintain strong and elastic. Maintain skin elasticity and moisture, and maintain smooth skin, smooth and delicate, so that wrinkles stretch, showing a sense of texture, delicate and transparent, effectively resist skin aging.
4 moisture
Products containing natural moisturizing factor on the skin to achieve the restoration of skin and natural barrier function, from the fundamental solution to the problem of skin moisture, and effectively improve the skin dry state




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